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JagoWorld Nashua Soup Kitchen Service Trip

Start time 2015-11-28 01:00
Finished Time 2015-11-28 06:00
Address 2 Quincy St, Nashua, NH 03060

“Hunger is not an act of God or an act of nature. It is a choice we are making as human beings.”  – Marion Wright Edelman

Young Voices Club members will be participating to serve at the Nashua Soup Kitchen and will have an opportunity to learn about hunger experienced locally and throughout the world.

The Young Voices Club embodies Jagoworld’s three core values: Learn, Serve, and Lead. The club members learn by engaging in projects and activities that allows them to cultivate skills such as effective oral communication and collaboration. The members serve by giving back to the community through service initiatives. They lead by planning and executing all club activities and service projects by themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Should Join the Field Trip?
A. Open to all, Club members will receive preference.

Q. How many can join?
A. The team will consist of 11 members comprised of current and former members as well as Club Counselors and Club Champions. This Project is designed for youths, thus no adults will be allowed to participate, but we would be open to organizing an Adult NSK Service trip if there is enough interest.

Q. What are the benefits of attending?
A. Community service credits for high school students and community service recognition.

Q. What and How would we do this?
A: Roles are as follow:

High school students can cook, serve, and clean tables

Middle school students can serve under the guidance of the facility supervisor.

Parents: Please arrive 12:45pm to drop off your child at NSKS.

We will serve from 1pm thru 6pm.

Parents: please arrive for pickup 5:45pm