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JagoWorld Hosts 8th Holiday Gift Drive 2019

JagoWorld Hosts 8th Holiday Gift Drive 2019

A poem and article by Abha Chaudhari

Night turns to day, and day turns to night,
As the sun goes down, time goes by,
Fall is gone, and winter is here,
It’s already the holidays, so spread SOME cheer.

Spend time with family,
Spend time with friends,
And don’t forget, to make amends,
You must remember, the folks out there,
Who don’t have anyone,
For whom they care.

So go out with your family,
And wrap some gifts,
Come by our gift drive,
So we can give to kids.

It’s easy to think about yourself,
Your problems,
Your stress,
But there are people out there,
With much much less.

So come on down,
To wrap a gift with care,
although it may take a while,
It will surely make a child smile.

The year flies by, and when December comes around, everyone is in a haze to get ready for the holidays. Students are studying for finals, parents are finishing up work, and the whole world is swamped with last-minute errands. Giving back to charity is the last thing on anyone’s mind, and understandably so, the holidays are a busy time. So every year, JagoWorld, a non-profit organization located in Sharon, Massachusetts, holds a Holiday Gift Drive, making it easy to give back.

This year, 2019, was my 8th time attending the drive, and every year, it only gets better. The drive started out with a card-making workshop where all the kids attending got to make a card for a foster care child. Creativity exploded as they wrote unique messages and drew images for their foster care child. After card making was over, gift wrapping began. Kids broke into groups and wrapped all the gifts in large boxes, teaching them the importance of teamwork. They had to listen to each other and work cohesively in order to finish the job at hand. It was rewarding to see other kids feel the same joy I felt wrapping gifts and making cards.

Through years of attending the JagoWorld Holiday Gift Drive, I have come to appreciate what I have. It’s easy to take things for granted and keep wishing for more, especially around the holidays. Wrapping each gift really puts everything into perspective. Although it’s a day you could be doing something else, I guarantee you a day wrapping gifts for foster children will feel more worthwhile than anything else you could do…