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JagoWorld Holds 8th Annual Young Voices Day

JagoWorld Holds 8th Annual Young Voices Day

On Saturday, June 2nd, JagoWorld hosted its 8th Annual Young Voices Day at the South Foxborough Community Center. JagoWorld is a leadership and public speaking club that has members throughout all of Massachusetts. Its motto is “Learn. Serve. Lead.” and its goal is to help accustom young kids with the leadership and communication skills that will help them succeed as future leaders. Young Voices Day is an event open to all in which the members of JagoWorld’s Young Voices Club each present their speech that they have been working on throughout the year in front of an audience.

Young Voices Day kicked off at about 11:00 A.M. Members from both the Shrewsbury and Sharon branches of the clubs presented their speeches. Speech topics covered a wide array of topics, from global warming to genetic engineering. Each speech was unique and well-rehearsed.

Furthermore, JagoWorld will be hosting an essay contest open to all in which participants can win prize money. There will be three different divisions: an elementary school division, a middle school division, and a high school division. For more information, Arun Chaudhari at arun@jagoworld.com.

JagoWorld’s Young Voices Day was a prime example of events bringing the community together, as the event really brought members and family, from both Shrewsbury and Sharon, closer together. JagoWorld is looking to grow and accumulate more dedicated members for the 2018-2019 season.