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A Look Back on YVD2020

A Look Back on YVD2020

Despite the pandemic and unusual circumstances, this year’s Young Voices day was truly a success! The event was held over Zoom on July 18 from 10 am to 1 pm. Many parents and community members joined to support our speakers, and hear their unique speeches. Although some technical difficulties arose, we got through them in one piece and created a beautiful event that members can look back on. And they agree too!

“Unlike many other previous years, this year’s Young Voices Day was held over zoom. On July 18th, 2020. This was my first year doing Young Voices and I have learned a lot from each club meeting. Young Voices Day is an event in which you show your family and other club members how much you have improved. Although it may have been online, YVD was a great place to see other members of various other clubs share their speeches. Everyone had great speeches and I learned a lot about various problems around the world. I cannot wait to come back next year. (Varsha Baskar, Norfolk Club)”

“This year was my first year apart JagoWorld, and it wasn’t how I expected things to go. Due to coronavirus and social distancing, we started having classes over zoom, and then we had Annual Day over zoom as well. It was so fun listening to everyone’s speeches and seeing their presentations. And although we didn’t get to do it in person, everything went smoothly. Everyone’s speeches touched a lot of subjects, from self-driving cars to the history of space. Even though things were online I still had a great time this year at JagoWorld and I can’t wait to do it next year! (Pranav Baskar, Norfolk Club)”

“I think JagoWorld is a great program that teaches kids speaking skills. These skills are very important and all the classes each week were really fun and informative! Both teachers are very kind and helpful. The environment of the club is very warm and welcoming and I was never scared to share my opinions and thoughts! I think JagoWorld is a great opportunity for kids to learn about necessary skills. I have learned a lot throughout the year and look forward to coming soon!  (Rivya Shrivastava, Norfolk Club)”

“Saturday, July 18th was JagoWorld’s 10th annual Young Voices Day. The event was over Zoom because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though Young Voices Day was over Zoom it was still an amazing and unforgettable experience. That being said, it was my only my first year of JagoWorld. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many people all over the world in countless ways. It has had a good impact on families who don’t really get to spend much time with each other, however, it has left a mark on others who lost their loved ones due to the virus. However, it didn’t stop annual day from happening. I was really looking forward to attending Young Voices Day in person but it was just as good on zoom and everyones speech was amazing to listen to. Thank you to all the people who made JagoWorld annual YVD 2020 still great despite the situation we are in now. (Ashrith Epuri, Norfolk Club)”

“Our annual YVD this year was held on Saturday July, 18th 2020 and it was the 10th annual young voices day. The annual day was held over Zoom because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many people all over the world. Some positive impacts of this virus are that it has helped build relationships and has brought more people closer together. It has taught us to always practice better hygiene, not just during a pandemic, and it has caused innovations to stay connected and help each other as a community online. Furthermore, the pandemic has caused education to become digitized and affordable. Regardless of the Corona Virus, annual day was amazing. Even though it was over Zoom, it was still really great and we made the most of what we could during this time. I loved everyone’s speeches and thought they were amazing and were really fun to listen to. I think the annual day was a big success and this all couldn’t have happened without the amazing people who contributed to make this event such a success! (Snigdha Epuri, Norfolk Club)”

Thank you to all the members and organizers who made this year’s Young Voices Day such a success. Please check out the videos that were recorded of each member’s speeches below! We look forward to seeing our members next year just as much as they do!

Rivya – Odissi Dance
Bhagat – Gender Equality
Nihal – Hydroelectricity
Samarth – Self Driving Cars
Sid – Soccer
Pranav Baskar – Evolution of Space
Arjun – Environmental Consequences on Fish
Jay – Importance of Reading
Nikhil – Poverty
Ashrith – Climate Change
Akhil – Trash
Varsha – Australian Wildfire Crisis
Khanak – Limiting Screen Time
Pranav – Nature and Planet Earth
Hrishitha – Natural Disasters
Neha – Preventing Terrorism
Preetham – Space
Snigdha – Opioid Crisis
Vedant – experience
Srinivas – experience
Supriyo – experience
Vijay ji – Opening remark:
Arun ji – Closing remarks